2019 Conference Themes

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PSD2, a year in!

How are open API strategies enabling banks to further digital innovation and how are AISPs and PISPs protecting themselves from becoming “dumb pipes”.

Rise of the Machines

How AI can be applied in the different financial services sectors and how do different stakeholder see its expansion?

Cybersecurity, Tech Risk and RegTech

Best practices for safeguarding digital assets, managing risks effectively and efficiently and leveraging technology to comply with regulation.

Customer Dynamics

How are financial service providers transforming their relationships with customers through truly digital “banking”; who can they take inspiration from to deliver the ultimate in customer convenience?

Future Commerce

How do we true synergy of bricks and clicks, handing over the power of new technology to front-line staff and achieve that elusive omnichannel experience.

Financial Inclusion

Why and how can financial institutions and fintechs reach out to the un-served and under-served segments of the population to empower consumers and businesses to gain access to financial services,  and what kind of digital infrastructure to support this agenda?

Future of Money

How has the payment landscape evolved, and what does the future will look like; are regulators keeping up with the changes?

Banking in 2020

What key technologies are impacting banking the most, and is there a true success story of collaboration between disruptors and incumbents?

DLT 4.0

Has Blockchain 4.0 really arrived and if so what are the key differences which will make it applicable on scale all others have failed to achieve?