What is xCEEd?

xCEEd is Central and Eastern Europe’s leading Fintech conference. This boutique conference and trade show, now in its 3rd year, core proposition is focussed on Innovation, Creation and Delivery. This is not a show that talks generally about possibilities, we take specific topics and demonstrate commercial, real life possibilities. We support this with first hand, expert experience from our speakers, panellists to help create clear “to market” pathways.

xCEEd Excellence Demonstrated.

xCEEd 2018 demonstrated its creative flair by being the world’s first conference with its own cryptocurrency, xCEEDium.The xCEEd app, with slick UX, clearly exhibited xCEEd’s ability to offer a commercial use for crypto while effectively showcasing the core components with clarity and ease. Not stopping there, xCEEd revealed a viable commercial use of AR and VR with ‘Branch of the Future” where a virtual bank branch was created.

Where next?

Demand for xCEEd has been expressed by both conferences being sold out quickly and the calibre of the speakers and sponsors wanting to be involved. Other regions within CEE, such as Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia, are interested to host xCEEd because of its winning mix of experts, content and its ability to stimulate deliverables, known as the xCEEd Effect.

However, it’s Montenegro’s fintech forward mentality, cultural and consumer readiness that has created the perfect storm for xCEEd 2019 to ignite a fintech (r)evolution.

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xCEEd 2018 at Glance


xCEEd 2018 was a 2 day event with a mix of panels, workshops and speakers from all over the world with just the right mix of networking to make it one of the most effective and collaborative events of CEE.

xCEEd 2018 delivered bigger and brighter than last year with new concepts from xCEEDium, the conference cryptocurrency, through the xCEEd Gift Shop, to the Augmented Reality “Branch of the Future”.

xCEEd 2018 was the year for interconnectivity with the xCEEd app, an interactive communications portal for the conference which we have kept open allowing the connections made at the conference to continue to grow and prosper.


Anna Maj (European Women Payments Network):

“Rich in thought-provoking content, great practical insight of both local and regional fintech players, perfectly balanced speakers’ line up, outstanding workshops delivered by the industry thought leaders and practitioners. Pioneering mindset!
Great networking and fantastic social vibes. Building the unique xCEEd fintech community. One of the best fintech/payments events I have ever attended!”

Laura K. Inamedinova (LKI Consulting):

“xCEEd conference is a wonderful mix of informative discussions and quality networking. I would personally recommend anyone in the FinTech industry to attend this event!”

John Berghout (Barclays):

“xCEED 2018 is an exceptionally informative, engaging and thought-provoking conference – one of the best I have attended in the last few years. In addition to the speakers, the engagement of the attendees was also excellent – especially the opportunity to earn xCEED’s own cryptocurrency that delegates could use at a gift shop on site. xCEEd is undoubtedly the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) leading Fintech event – and it was a privilege to be invited to such a fabulous experience.”

Faisal Khan (SENDER):

“It was my first time attending the xCEEd Conference, 2018 that was held in beautiful Belgrade, Serbia. From the moment you step off the aircraft, Pavle & Team had ‘everything’ arranged for you (emphasis supplied). The conference radiates professionalism and this was clearly evident by the people present. There were some great discussions during the day, and even more casual conversations during the informal outings (one of the many that Pavle had arranged for). Certainly made friends, shared knowledge and learned a lot for sure. Looking forward for next year’s event.”

David Hensley (Cash Services):

“As a relative novice in fin tech I spend four days with this growing community and it was a fantastic event. The panel sessions were engaging and informative and I understand a little bit more about the challenges and benefits of collaboration within this emerging market and its impact on financial services. I’m looking forward to future events.”

Konstantin Peric (Bill and Melinda Gates foundation):

“A high-content conference, notably with a great update from knowledgeable speakers on PSD2, with a bonus crypto-conference-currency that is fun to use and understand.”

Duena Blomstrom (Emotional Banking):

“There was no way to distinguish that the team behind xCEED wasn’t organising events professionally by looking around the event which was packed, well structured, entertaining and dotted with original touches and boasted some amazing content. Hats off, pulling an event of this magnitude off in a way that’s memorable and useful for dialogue and business is a rare treat.”

Kevin Amateshe (Safaricom):

“xCEEd 2018 was a refreshing FinTech conference with an interesting experiential approach. What I liked the most about it was the balance between the rich panel sessions, the presentations in between and the enlightening stands, which managed to bring the talk about FinTech innovation closer. Great start, great potential, great opportunity to learn and network for anyone within the space.”



Stay connected the xCEEd Way! 
Keep your app to keep in touch with other xCEEd alumni, with over 1142 delegate scans staying up to date with your cohort is even easier than before. With over 413 transactions in the xCEEd shop – were you a shopper or a saver or an earner? We had over 3017 reward scans and 939 exhibitor scans that earn delegates more xCEEDium and stimulate deleafgtes and exhibitors to interact.  Any xCEEdium left in your wallet is safe and sound and will be kept available for your to enjoy some of the exciting plans xCEEd have coming up over the summer. 
  • Number of purchases in SHOP 413

  • Rewards and scans 3017

  • Delegate to delegate scans 1142

  • Exhibitor stands scans 939

  • .
  • Total xceediums earned 2,214,126

  • Total xceediums spent 1,106,169

  • Average earned per delegate 11,070

  • Average spent by delegate 5,530.85

  • .
  • Questions on panels 226

  • Number of votes 502

  • Members ratings 134

  • Average member rating 4.89

  • .
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